Call for submissions


The conference spans a wide range of topics related to user modeling and personalization, including but not restricted to the following:

  • Purposes of UMAP
  • User characteristics for UMAP
  • Computational methods for UMAP
  • Usability issues for UMAP
  • Methods for design and evaluation of UMAP
  • Application domains for UMAP
  • Environments for UMAP

Consult the section on Conference Topics for further details.

Research Papers (abstracts due 24 Jan. 2012; full papers 31 Jan. 2012)

Long research papers (12 pages maximum)

Long research papers should present original reports of substantive new research. They should place the work within the field, and clearly indicate its innovative aspects and its significance.

Short research papers (6 pages)

Short research papers should present original and unpublished highly promising research, whose merit will be assessed in terms of originality and importance rather than maturity and technical validation.

Both categories will be strictly kept apart in the review process. Only in extremely unusual circumstances can long papers be relegated to the short paper category.

Workshop Proposals (due 17 Jan. 2012)

Workshop proposals (3 pages) should outline the area, goals, scope, format and expected outcomes of the workshop, and also introduce the members of the organizing team and their backgrounds. Workshops provide an efficient forum for community building and sharing of ideas on emerging topics or specific research questions. We strongly encourage innovative workshop formats as opposed to 'mini-conferences'. We are looking for well structured workshop programs that aim to produce answers, artefacts and/or strategic directions for the field. And why not think differently and accept demos, videos or even blogs as elements of workshop submissions?

Tutorial Proposals (due 17 Jan. 2012)

Do you have an advanced topic that you are excited about and want to share? Or do you like to teach young researchers about fundamental topics or necessary skills? You have 3 pages to describe what your tutorial is about, why it is important, why you are the right person to give the tutorial and how you will organize the tutorial.

Industry Papers (abstracts due 24 Jan. 2012; full papers 31 Jan. 2012)

The Industry Track solicits submissions covering innovative commercial implementations or applications of UMAP technologies, and experience in applying recent research advances to practical situations. Submissions may be either long papers (12 pages maximum) whose technical density should be comparable to that of research track submissions, or short papers (6 pages). Industry Track submissions must describe work performed in industry or concern industrial applications, and will typically include at least one industry author.

Doctoral Consortium Papers (due 7 Feb. 2012--revised date: 26 March 2012)

The Doctoral Consortium is a forum for Ph.D. students to get feedback and advice from the Doctoral Consortium committee. Submissions (4 pages) should include original and unpublished descriptions of the student's topic, proposed contributions, and results achieved so far. They should clearly indicate the work that remains to be done and the questions on which the student would especially like to receive advice.

Demonstrations (due 13 May 2012)

Demonstrations will showcase research prototypes of UMAP-based systems at the conference. Descriptions of demonstrations (3 pages) should be original and unpublished accounts of such systems. They should be accompanied by a specification of the system requirements, and by a draft poster of up to 9 slides or a single slide of about 24"x36" / ISO A1.

Posters (due 13 May 2012)

Descriptions of posters (3 pages) should be original and unpublished accounts of innovative research ideas, projects, or results. They shouldbe accompanied by a draft poster of up to 9 slides or a single slide of about 24"x36" / ISO A1.

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